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Welcome to "Japan Hostel & Guesthouse Guide FootPrints". This is a web site that introduces recommended hostels & guesthouses in Japan. [caution/ This site doesn't guarantee reservation. It is only the introduction.]
The concept of this site is "trip for meeting", that has started since 2011. All introduction articles in this site are based by a Japanese woman real experiences.
Recently nice guesthouses are increasing in Japan. For example, renobaited Japanese traditional houses, friendly, stylish, comfortable, style with bar and cafe and so on.
I'd like to send my recommended information about the hostel & guesthous in Japan.
Let's enjoy joyful Japanese journey!

Special Thanks

・Mr.Sawada Shunsuke(沢田 俊介):Engineer about the new site
・Mr.Sakagami Akihiro(坂上 彰啓):Logo designer
・Ms.Kurita Yumi(くりた ゆみ):Photographer about the slide pictures at TOP
・Mr.Takimoto Tsuyoshi(たきもと つよし):Illustrator about "What's Guesthous?"
・Ms.Murakami Eri(村上 恵梨):Translation about ”POINT!” of Recommend articles
・Mr.Ikeda Syo(池田 翔)Engineer about the past site
・Ms.Muraki Hitomi(村木 仁美):Engineer about the past site
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Maeda Yukari

I am the editor-in-chief of this site.
Japanese woman born in 1986.
I love hostels and guesthouses in Japan.