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Traditional house to charter in an ideal island


〒763-0231 Koura, Ushizima, Marugame City, Kagawa, Japan


15minutes by ferry from "Marukame" port


House chartered 1night


Title point It's a dream island everyone would know named Ushijima , which is a small island in Seto inland sea , just 4 km around the island and a few population . Renting whole house , available from 4 people , 3000 yen/pp, no served food and cooking by yourself . It was renovated an old house built 150 years ago . There is a huge lovely garden . It's like a ideal home. The owner is a friendly couple , American husband and Japanese wife who was born in the island.You can enjoy BBQ and canoe here . Many tourists like more than 100 including foreigners come here every year .


Traditional house to charter in an ideal island

Rich garden
Rich garden (You can use implements for BBQ)
Japanese traditional house
view from a kitchen
Living room
Garden (We brought small candles)
You can enjoy BBQ at the garden. (You need to bring foods and drinks.)
Owners (a married couple)
with my friends
Traditional Japanese house / Close to the Sea or Lake

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