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guesthouse MADO

Guesthouse along the traditional street Tokaido in the town of "Arimatsu dyeing"


〒458-0924 924 Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya


3minutes walk from "Arimatsu" train station


simple stay ¥3000- per night


mixed dormitory / woman dormitory


Title point Arimatsu town has a traditional industry "Arimatsu Narumi dyeing" that lasts about 400 years. In this town, there is a guesthouse that had renovated Japanese traditional house about 100 years building. The couple who operated the apparel for about 10 years in Shanghai opened the guesthouse in August 2015 at their hometown Arimatsu. They are deeply involved with this town, there are also casual exhibitions of local artists and holding events such as "MADO Marche" sometimes.


Guesthouse along the traditional street Tokaido in the town of "Arimatsu dyeing"

Street near the guesthouse
Street near the guesthouse
This is MADO
Common space
Common living room
Common space as shared living room and dormitory
Landlady can make sweets!
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 『GUESTHOUSE GUIDE100 -Japan Hostel&Guesthouse Guide-
Community-based house / Traditional Japanese house

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